Riverview Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is simply Custom made medications tailored to individual patients. We can compound capsules, suspensions, specialized creams, ointments and pastes. We also compound bio-identical HRT such as Troches and creams.

We compound pharmaceuticals for 8 main reasons:

  1. It’s not commercially available.
  2. It’s an off licence pharmaceutical.
  3. Your doctor wants a customized formulation that is not manufactured.
  4. When the patient is allergic to certain preservatives, dyes or binders in available off-the-shelf medications
  5. You want the medication reformulated so that it’s more palatable or want another way to deliver the medication such as a suppository, pessary, suspensions, lollipops, creams and ointments.
  6. When medications are discontinued by the manufacturer.
  7. When medications require flavour additives to make them more palatable for some patients, most often children.
  8. When medicines are out of stock from manufacturer’s.

Come in and chat to us for your compounding needs.