• 02 DEC 17
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    CODEINE Panadeine Nurofen Plus Mersyndol

    CODEINE Panadeine Nurofen Plus Mersyndol

    From the 1st of February 2018, medicines containing low-dose codeine will no longer be available from Pharmacies. You will need a script from the Doctor to access anything containing codeine.

    This was changed by a government regulatory body due to concerns surrounding the abuse and unsafe use by patients.

    The medicines that will affected include the following:

    • Panadeine, Panadeine Extra, Mersyndol
    • Nurofen plus, Panafen Plus
    • Aspalgin, Codis, Dispirin Forte
    • Any of the cold and flu medications containing codeine
    • All equivalent generic products

    Speak to our community Pharmacist regarding any changes to the above and alternatives to codeine related products. There are other non drug options available too.


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