• Sirolimus & Facial Angiofibromas

    Sirolimus & Facial Angiofibromas

    Angiofibromas are overgrowths of skin( skin lesions/growth). They are usually scattered on the nose and cheeks. Sometimes they can be present on the forehead, eyelids, and chin. They can be the same colour as the person’s natural skin colour, but can also appear as a different colour (such as pink, red or brown). In childhood,

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  • PrEp is here

    PrEp is here

    PrEp is here. HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)  is the regular use of HIV medication by HIV negative people at high risk of HIV infection. It is now available on the PBS and available here. The trial medication and PBS medication is different in colour, but they are the same medication. The trial medication is blue

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  • PrEP is here

    PrEP is here

    Take ONE tablet daily at the same time each day It’s best to take PrEP with food Talk to your Doctor if you have any problems or side effects taking PrEP Get tested for HIV every 3 months and remember PrEP won’t stop you from getting STIs such as syphilis gonorrhoea Always use condoms and

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  • FluZone and Fluad – Flu vaccines for over 65

    FluZone and Fluad – Flu vaccines for over 65

    In 2017, there were 250,000 confirmed laboratory influenza cases – 3 times the number compared to 2016. In an attempt to avoid last year’s Flu disaster, the Government will fund 2 new flu vaccines this year for people aged 65 years or over. Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is 4 times the strength of the regular flu

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